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Legit Way To Find Your Well Fargo Routing Number.

If you ever want to transfer money or save money, you need to know your routing numbers. I’ve been a long-time customer of Wells Fargo. Here’s an overview of your Wells Fargo routing number by state.

How to Find Your Banks Routing Number: Wells Fargo

As you earn income online, you will need to connect your savings and checking accounts to your various income sources. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to input my routing number. It shouldn’t be this hard to maintain your bank accounts and personal finances.

Thus, I had to create a full overview of how the routing number works and how to find your Wells Fargo routing number for each state. Here are 23+ online income opportunities that can help you increase your income.

You can easily find your bank routing number using free online routing number checker tool.

Wells Fargo Overview

One of the most successful American Multinational banking and a financial holding company is Wells Fargo & Company. Founded in 1852, Wells Fargo offers numerous services and functions to facilitate their clients. The Wells Fargo routing number is one of the most crucial 9-digit code that helps expedite seamless wire transfer service.

Wells Fargo routing number is a unique nine-digit number usually at the bottom of a check. It identifies the financial institution on which it was drawn or printed.

Routing number also known as American Bankers Association (ABA) number, routing transit number (RTNs) or SWIFT code is used to maintain an account and to transfer money from one account to another.

Ways to Find Your Wells Fargo Routing Number

If you want to set up an electronic payment or direct deposit, then you’ll need your account routing number. There are several ways to find your routing number either through looking at your check or from the bank’s website.

Here are two common ways to find your routing number:

Check from the Wells Fargo Website
Since routing numbers are not secret numbers, the bank’s website post its routing numbers online. You can check your Wells Fargo routing numbers on their website, that is,

All you need to do is select the type of account and the state where you opened your account, and your routing number will be displayed. Besides, you can also sign on to Wells Fargo online, select your account and then select a link that shows your routing number.

Also, you can also check from the frequently asked questions section. Banks have many ABA numbers, and thus it is essential to know the state where you opened your account.

Look at Your Check

Check routing Number

Another way to find your routing number is by looking at the bottom of your negotiable instruments like the personal check. The routing number for your account is the code at the lower left corner of your check usually put in between two signs that look like semicolons.

At the bottom of a personal check, there are three numbers usually printed with magnetic ink.

The first 9-digit code is the routing number, the next is your account number, and the last set of numbers typically represent the check number. The routing number can come first or in the middle.

You can easily recognize it because it is a 9-digit number and is put in between symbols that look like semi-colon symbols. The routing number on personal checks is used for domestic wires.

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